Hope, Inspiration, and Healing for Soldiers

Have you ever wondered about what goes on in the mind and heart of a soldier who is heading to war? The true stories you will read in this book are about patriotic soldiers who deploy to the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan, and other parts of the world. Even before they go to the battlegrounds to fight for America, and freedom they silently fight their fiercest battles against anxiety, depression, and deadly emotions waging war against anger, worries, guilt and rage. In this book they share their heart to heart, poignant stories of dealing with all these emotions, and the challenges of dealing with rape, abortion, divorce, child custody, marriage and betrayal, racial prejudice, sexual relationships, and sexually transmitted diseases. This is the story of how God's message of faith, hope, and love, encouragement, forgiveness, and healing came to these brave soldiers as they boldly shared with Dr. Hanna their own Heart to Heart, Soldier to Soldier life stories.

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Inspiring Quotes

“Ultimately, their stories will inspire you and make you reflect and grow as we all begin to realize that their stories are not only theirs but they are ours as well, and not only from one soldier to another, but from the depth of God’s heart of love to their hearts and to ours.”

—From the Introduction page xviii